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[SLASH 003] Nico - Session Club EP


release date 12" & digital: 19.05.09


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12" Vinyl:



Coming out from nowhere, Slash presents a young and mysterious women. Nico makes her début on the third imprint of the young Slash family. Like a breath of fresh air, her music is a personal trip through different senses.

For everything there is a season! The first track on the A1-Side “Tropical” reveals our upcoming feelings and the desire to feel a gentle breeze of freshness.
While the A2-Side “Midnight Carnival” points out a deeper and bizarre understanding of house music.

Have you ever been on a trip? The epic B-Side “Session Club” gives you the exact mood of dancing in dark places, surrounded by moving flash lights and perspiring bodies without even knowing where you are!

In “Hypochondria” (digital exclusive) Nico plays with the feeling of fear. Do you live forever? The deep digging track scales up to a releasing moment.

Nico is an ambivalent creature; on the one hand she lives on the dark side of the moon and gambles with deep, dark and mysterious emotions while on the other hand she adores the purity of soul and nature. So it is needless to say that Nico points out an expression of herself through her productions and now its time to show her diversity on Slash!


some feedbacks:

Chloe (Kill the Dj, Karat)
: Good release, i like the vibe of the tracks, specially 'Hypochodria' which is weird, and 'Tropical'

Anthony Collins (Vakant, Freak'n Chick): Tropical track is very cool

Someone Else (Foundsound):
This ep is really strong. I like it.

Swayzak (Matt Densham)
: Nico - Tropical (Exclusive Vinyl) : grabbed me straight away. I haven't heard enough quality vox lately, and this one did it for me Nico - Midnight Carnival : into the perc thing, would be cool to get my flute player to jam over the top. Nico - Session Club : sounds like a waterpolo game! tripped out for sure. has a time and a place. Nico - Hypochondria : more trippy scarey biznizz. needs a play on a loud rig. A very worthwhile release, thanks for this.

Slam (Orde Meikle, Soma): Dark trax - will play !!

Tim Green (Fabric, UK): Liking midnight carnival. Great groover!!

Agoria (Different, PIAS): I love this label and all its productions !

Pheek (Archipel):
Cool ep. Will have some plays. I'm happy to have the exclusive vinyl version in digital!

Daniel Sanchez (Remote Area, Bla Bla): Yes nice stuff!

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe, Copenhagen):
Holy fucking shit! I love SLASH !!!! I can see A1 becoming a hit, but I'm more up for A2, dark stuff yeah! All 4 cuts are great though...

Tim Xavier (Clink):
I really like Midnight Carnival....will play

Alland Byallo:
I love this release. Slash is rockin so nicely for a new label! Full support, 5/5!

Dan Drastic (Moon Harbour): Wow! Thats something... i really like the "spookiness" of the tracks

Boris Werner (Remote Area, Amsterdam):
I like midnight carnaval, nice beats and atmosphere!!