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[SLASHX 001] Ahmet Sisman - Miami Bass Machine / Move Remixes Edit


release date: 31.05.2010


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This is the second part of the thrilling Release of Ahmet Sisman’s „Miami Bass Machine / Move“ EP on our new digital Imprint SlashX.

After the unique Interpretations from Daze Maxim, Digitaline and Pherox, it`s time for some new workouts from Mr. Sisman himself and our labelunicorn NICO.

Ahmet's and NICO's reworks are a lascivious and ravishingly arranged ceremony for all the maniacs out there. They remind us of a famous Jim Morrison Lyric „The music & voices are all around us. Choose now, they croon, beneath the moon, beside an ancient lake. Enter again the sweet forest; enter the hot dream, come with us. Everything is broken up and dances ...“

No more words needed!


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